P4C on Numbers, Pharaohs and Friendship

This week, three curriculum-based session plans, exploring big questions in History, Maths and friendship.

Each begins with a stimulus and simple question…

…and guides you and your pupils to new philosophical depths through our three core principles of Philosophy Circles. Also a

They’re taken from our popular Philosophy Circles Curriculum Pack – now in its third edition after being first published in 2018 to help classes enjoy valuable discussion time without adding another thing to teachers’ plates.

Last chance to buy!

We’re excited to soon announce a new collaborative chapter for us, which will help schools access our resources through a subscription. So we’ll be removing the Curriculum Pack from our shop – so this is your last chance to buy (with 20% off thrown in)!

What do I get?

  • Over 200 no-prep session plans for every subject in the curriculum (and concepts to boot – see the attached list!)
  • A special set of EYFS resources
  • The brand new Philosophers’ Kitchen – our six favourite easy-win activities with at least six examples for different ages, over 40 sessions in all!
  • 10 copies of our Philosophy Circles and Thinkers’ Games minibooks. Thousands of hours of doing philosophy with children and teachers is distilled into 48 readable, A6 pages. Small enough to fit into your pocket (“I’ve been carrying it around for months!” said one teacher), it helps teachers stay true to the “why” of doing philosophy as well as giving do-able options for the “what”.
  • The Discussion Dashboard – perfect for boosting teacher confidence in the face of the unknown. Use during discussions to deepen thinking and track their ideas. Includes a formative assessment toolbox with 32 ways to develop specific enquiry skills.
  • Teacher tips – covering specialist topics from SEN, to assessment, to taking a whole school approach.

The pack will be available in our shop until Thursday April 4th – just enough time to get approval!

Best wishes,

Tom and Jason

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