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Why do we do it?

If children don't learn to talk confidently to groups in their primary years, it's unlikely they ever will. It impacts their learning and their potential.

And with the ever-increasing pressure from above, genuine opportunities for face-to-face dialogue and independent thinking can be squeezed out. Our mission to is empower teachers to find the opportunities for independent thinking in their existing curriculum.

We work with many schools that have already tried Philosophy for Children and we're often told “We value P4C, but we want to make it happen. How can we embed it into our curriculum?"

Our unique approach, Philosophy Circles, encourages the facilitator to ask the first question, so the discussion gets started faster. The children’s own questions are still important, but they emerge through discussion. It makes it more fast-paced and versatile for use across the curriculum.

Handouts from training courses often sit in the "INSET graveyard". It's full of ideas that sounded great on the day but which never quite got passed on to colleagues. So we provide minibooks with busy teachers in mind, and following the course our huge range of resources means there's every support for you and colleagues continue using P4C regularly.

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Who are we?

As a teacher of English, Jason Buckley rotated around form groups, telling philosophical stories and getting arguments going off the back of them. Years later when he was looking for a name for his new organisation, he remembered one boy exclaiming “Yay, it’s the Philosophy Man!”

Whilst Jason was fast becoming an internationally-renowned speaker, Tom Bigglestone was heading up his own projects as Head of Religious Studies.

From small beginnings in 2008, The Philosophy Man is now the UK's leading independent provider of P4C training and workshops, and we work in schools across the world. Interested in getting us in to work with your staff? Contact us today!

"After 30 plus years of teaching, advisory and inspection experience I thought I’d seen plenty of innovative and exciting approaches in the classroom...

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