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What is P4C?

Philosophy for Children is an approach to teaching and learning that puts philosophical enquiry at the heart of the lesson. P4C is used in hundreds of schools across the country and thousands across the world. Several studies have shown that P4C impacts pupils' academic, social, emotional and behavioural development, most recently by the EEF and Durham University. Find out more...

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What’s the difference between Philosophy Circles and “traditional” P4C?

When we work with schools that have already tried Philosophy for Children, we often get feedback such as, “When we had philosophy training before, we wanted to do it. But now we know how to make it work.”

All P4C gets children thinking about challenging questions, and teachers act as facilitators rather than knowledge-givers. Traditional P4C follows a series of stages. Children see or read a stimulus, think about the ideas in it, create questions, evaluate the questions, and then choose one to talk about. In Philosophy Circles, the facilitator usually asks the first question, so the discussion gets started faster. The children’s own questions are still important, but they emerge through discussion. Rather than stages, Philosophy Circles is built around three facilitation principles which run through the whole process. It makes it more fast-paced and versatile for use across the curriculum.

Philosophy Circles

"After 30 plus years of teaching, advisory and inspection experience I thought I’d seen plenty of innovative and exciting approaches in the classroom...

After 30 plus years of teaching, advisory and inspection experience I thought I’d seen plenty of innovative and exciting approaches in the classroom but whilst sitting in a session led by Tom I couldn’t help feeling that here was something new and of superior standing. Philosophy Circles is like a magic portal (dare I say TARDIS….bigger on the inside!). I've been carrying it around in my handbag for months. Just 50 pages but packed with an ever expanding wealth of resources and don’t get me started on what it feels like when you try them out in class. As the book says ‘take the road less travelled’ and it will make ALL the difference to your class!" 

Sharon Hallis

Advisor and Inspector, Wiltshire

How do we work with schools?


Case Study: P4C at St. Dominic's, Airdrie

Earlier this month Tom visited St. Dominic's Primary School in Airdrie. Over two days, we worked with all 7 year groups as well as delivering a staff INSET introducing them to Philosophy Circles. The collaboration continues later this year, as he returns in January and June to deliver more training and provide ongoing consultancy as the school progresses. Find out how we've worked with other schools like this, and yours, by downloading our set of case studies.

Interested in a January 'buzz'?

Feedback from September 2017's INSETs:

"I cannot describe the buzz and vibe from the staff, all down to you."

"You really did create a huge buzz in school, which is a difficult shout on the first day back! You covered everything we wanted out of the training and gave us mountains of material to use in class.  I loved the fact you gave each phase some planning time to discuss ideas and plan sessions and then trial them out of colleagues.  You have definitely given us some inspiration and I am very excited to see what happens next."

"There was a buzz during the staff meeting, which for any member of staff attending a staff meeting knows this is a rare thing! All the staff said how enthused and excited they felt to get back into their classrooms and try out the methods they had been shown."

"The questions raised interested everyone and there was a real buzz in the room. Our training was full of practical activities and games, with the just the right amount of discussion about teaching techniques interspersed. What an inspiring day!"

"It is us who would like to thank you. It was such an inspirational INSET and the staff were truly excited. Several of us have run introductory sessions with the children and although it is early days the enthusiasm is palpable."

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Why choose us to embed P4C in your school?

Philosophy for Children is recognized for raising attainment and well-being, but like any approach, it can easily fizzle out after initial enthusiasm. Here’s why hundreds of schools choose us to foster their long-term success:

Resources that integrate P4C into your existing curriculum

Rather than “another thing to do” in a crowded timetable, our Philosophy Circles resources include over 100 session plans exploring established curricula.

We work with pupils week in, week out . . .

. . . in workshops, residentials and whole-school events, so we keep “sharp”, and show our working by demonstrating P4C with teachers' own classes, and on their own topics

Clear, flexible structure

We have captured the best of P4C in the three core principles of “Philosophy Circles”. This streamlined approach helps teachers create engagement, challenge and independence.

Lively, practical, memorable training

Your staff will grasp the principles through practical activities you can use straight away. Expect energy, laughter and a rare depth of learning and dialogue. Minimal PowerPoint!

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