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Free P4C Resources from the US

Sorry, the PDF is not available at the moment as issues around permissions have emerged. Apologies for the inconvenience and to those authors affected. We have taken down this resource as soon as the issue was brought to our attention, having shared the resource in good faith believing all suitable permissions were in place. We…

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Using “Scale Models” for Philosophy

This week, an idea for making big philosophical issues from history accessible to young children, inspired by the work of teachers at Beech Green School, Quedgeley, during a session where were planning philosophy into the curriculum. r The example is from World War Two, but the approach is flexible. The idea is to have two…

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Confessions of a Modern Ancient Egyptian

The Ancient Egyptians are a mainstay of primary school topics, with the gruesome rituals of mummification and the colourful cast of gods such as the jackal-headed Anubis, who famously weighs the heart of the deceased against a feather to see if it is free from sin. r r In a previous issue, Tom shared an enquiry…

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