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Living Our Best Life: Resources for Stephen Lawrence Day

This week, I’d like to direct you to a set of resources on ethical dilemmas from The Philosophy Foundation, commissioned by the Stephen Lawrence Trust. There is a how-to guide and specific resources on ethical dilemmas for every phase of school from 4-18, and the topics range from “Living Our Best Life” to “Goals, Success and Failure” to…

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P4C from Oz: Short and Curly Podcast

This week, as most readers are on holiday, a link to a great podcast series for children about philosophy. It’s Short and Curly from the Australian Broadcasting Network, one of my favourite media outlets: r r r Their Harry Potter episode explores an interesting question in the context of Severus Snape – Do you have to…

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What Shape is Time?

What shape is time? This might seem like the sort of question that gives philosophy a bad name. But it goes quite deeply towards the heart of disagreements within and between cultures. r I suggest running this enquiry as a “Starting Positions” session, with the participants first in pairs, then fours, then eights as you…

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