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Posts by Thomas Bigglestone

Seagulls, Worm Charming, Lies and Knowledge

A few days ago, I saw a seagull hopping from one foot to the other on some grass. It was (I thought) replicating the sound of rainfall, hoping for a fooled worm to breach the surface. Within seconds one did, and was promptly devoured whole. It’s a curious but common sight – captured here.   Questions The sight of seagulls tapping…

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Late Debates

Why are you late? Why is your homework late? Why do parents evenings always run late?   This week, how to get students talking about something we teachers tend to talk about an awful lot. Late Debates Yesterday, a colleague and I were waiting for someone who was late to our meeting. With nothing else…

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Free P4C Resources from the US

Primary School Compendium Rebecca-Jo Schwetz, a Masters student at Sacred Heart University, has compiled a huge pic’n’mix of resources from a variety of contributors, all suitable for use in primary schools. What I particularly like is that she has collected together lots of resources on metaphysics (the nature of reality), aesthetics and epistemology (the study…

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