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Is it OK to keep a scrollow as a pet?

This week, we explore the ethics of keeping pets. First, a (partly true) story to warm up to the theme.   Bigglestone’s Cavies Tom wanted a guinea pig. But guinea pigs like companionship. So, Tom bought two guinea pigs to keep each other company. When one guinea pig died, the other guinea pig was lonely.…

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Making Up for Lost Talk: 114 Sources of Ideas

  The theme of this week’s issue is strategies for making up for the lost talk and other experiences children will have missed out on during lockdown. I’ve included a link to a mass of resources, an NYT article and a free ticket to a taster session of my online philosophy classes, and an invitation…

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When you eat a cherry, do you eat its redness?

This week, a session from David Birch’s book, “Thinking Beans,” which I am looking forward to publishing later this term. It explores the concept of “Interaction” through a series of engaging experiments and questions. The book is instantly going to be my favourite source for use in philosophy with children, and I’ve loved every session I…

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