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COVID-Safer Philosophy for Children

Readers have requested start-of-term advice on P4Cing in the context of coronavirus, and in a COVID-safe way. These are my thoughts – I appreciate many of you are already back/scarcely left so I’d love to hear yours too.  1.    Do it. 2.    Do it outside. 3.    Use an “invisible ball”. 4.    Don’t shove coronavirus down…

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Plato’s Cave – DIY Allegories

  In this week’s Philosophy Wranglers sessions, we were looking at Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It’s such a provocative story that it might be a useful foil to anyone who doing their own philosophising over this strange, transitional summer. I like to tell the story slowly, asking questions as I go.   In Plato’s…

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Art Or Not Art

A session I was having some fun with at Philosophy Wranglers and Philosophy Wranglers LATE which will work very well on Zoom or face-to face. I’ve sent out something similar before but the twist makes this work very well. Warm-up: Elephant Art Start by sharing a still of this video…   …paused at 4:52. Ask the…

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