The Philosophy Circles Primary Curriculum Pack


We asked teachers what stopped their schools embracing P4C. These three problems came up over and over:

“The biggest challenge is time – how do we fit it in around other pressures we are under?”
“Some staff don’t understand P4C, and so their confidence is low”
“I get worried that the discussion will dry out”

Any of these sound familiar? If so, the Philosophy Circles Primary Curriculum Pack is a must-have




“The biggest challenge is time”

The pack includes 160 no-prep session plans, for every subject in the curriculum. For those who can have stand-alone sessions, we’ve included a sequence of ten recommended session plans for each year group from reception to Year 6.

In addition, 100 “Spot and Stripe” videos provoke instant discussion. These 100 ‘shorts’ are divided by age group from Reception to Year 6. They provide a perfect introduction to philosophy for younger and older children alike, modelling discussion and argument through colourful, fun characters and irresistible questions.


“Some staff don’t understand P4C, and so their confidence is low”

Each pack comes with 10 copies of our Philosophy Circles minibooks. Thousands of hours of doing philosophy with children and teachers is distilled into 48 readable, A6 pages. Small enough to fit into your pocket (“I’ve been carrying it around for months!” said one teacher), the book is built around three memorable principles that create engagement, challenge and independent thinking. It helps teachers stay true to the “why” of doing philosophy as well as giving do-able options for the “what”.

Also included is 10 copies of Thinkers’ Games. 38 adaptable games to help children throw themselves into the joyful argy-bargy of the argument. 38 different ways to drive engagement and make thinking fun!


“I get worried that the discussion will dry out.”

Our brand-new Enquiry Dashboard is perfect for boosting teacher confidence in the face of the unknown. Designed for use during an discussion, it places the distilled experience of years of facilitation in the hands of teachers new to P4C.


What do teachers say?

After 30 plus years of teaching, advisory and inspection experience I thought I’d seen plenty of innovative and exciting approaches in the classroom, but whilst sitting in a session led by Tom I couldn’t help feeling that here was something new and of superior standing. Philosophy Circles is like a magic portal (dare I say TARDIS….bigger on the inside!). I’ve been carrying it around in my handbag for months. Just 50 pages but packed with an ever expanding wealth of resources and don’t get me started on what it feels like when you try them out in class. As the book says ‘take the road less travelled’ and it will make ALL the difference to your class!”Sharon Hallis, Year 3 Teacher, Inspector

The Philosophy Circles approach makes the inclusion of a philosophical dimension into everyday teaching easy, flexible and totally possible without being a burden in terms of preparation, planning or time management of the curriculum. It can be incorporated into virtually any topic or subject, can be slotted in, take main stage or sit there waiting in the wings for those impromptu moments. Learning how to apply the Philosophy Circles approach is key. – Rachel Hutchings, Advisory Teacher, Kent County Council

We have been using the “6 session plans for an immediate start” with each year group and the boys are loving it. The teachers have been pleasantly surprised at the rich dialogue in the classroom. Staff have been asking for more resources, which we have received from Jason and Tom and are now ploughing through. We now have two Philosophy Clubs (for years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6) and we are starting one in the Pre-prep for Year 2 – Toby Griffiths, Headmaster, Dulwich College Junior School 


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