Making Up for Lost Talk: 114 Sources of Ideas


The theme of this week’s issue is strategies for making up for the lost talk and other experiences children will have missed out on during lockdown. I’ve included a link to a mass of resources, an NYT article and a free ticket to a taster session of my online philosophy classes, and an invitation to have an outdoor instructor in-residence at your school in the autumn to take some of the pressure off staff and pupils

1. Outdoor Instructor in Residence

Schools will be squeezed for both space and staff in September. One way of relieving the pressure is to make use of your outdoor spaces and nearby green spaces using an “Instructor-in-Residence from my outdoor education company, Outspark .Please see the attached brochure from this link. 

2. “What Is Freedom? Teaching Kids Philosophy in a Pandemic”

My work at featured recently in a New York Times article. We have new 4-week blocks of Philosophy, Debating and Improv classes for 6-8, 9-12 and teens starting next week. There are new sessions on Thursday evenings, at a time that is good for homeschoolers across the US and schoolschoolers in the UK. Please recommend them to the children you teach.


For your own kids if you have them, I’m making some free tickets for a Philosophy taster session tomorrow for the 9-12 age group. It’s at 3.00 p.m. UK time. Book here and enter the coupon TPMREADER1 at the checkout.



3- 110. Blog Bonanza
Some of you will be unaware that recent past issues are usually posted on The Philosophyman Blog. From the 108 currently posted, I’d particularly recommend Snowball Warm-upsFacilitator-in-RoleP4C Games and Zebra-Striped texts.

111. Sticky Questions

This is a fantastic whole-school initiative for promoting dialogue and deep thinking at home and at school. Order by the end of July, and we guarantee to deliver in time for September. Click here for an explainer video.


112. Spot and Stripes

There are 99 videos on our YouTube Channel featuring Spot and Stripe arguing about all sorts of questions.


113. Philosophy Circles Primary Curriculum Pack

This is packed with over 160+ session plans, and includes 10 copies of Philosophy Circles and Thinkers’ Games. Visit our shop for more information.



I welcome correspondence from readers with particular problems or topic you want covered. I won’t always be quick to respond, as lots of Zoom Philosophy to fit in, but I usually get round to it. And of course, you can get me to visit your school (most likely virtually for the moment) to train your staff or work with your students.


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