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Posts by Jason Buckley

Human 2.0?

This enquiry is a classroom-friendly version of one I ran for a Philosophy Wranglers online seminar. It introduces students to the beautifully ugly naked mole rat, a burrowing rodent that lives in a colony, rather as bees or ants do. These are all “eusocial” animals that make sacrifices for the good of the colony as…

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Is Disability in the Body, or in Society?

In this post, a thought experiment about disability. It invites children to imagine a world in which a few people can fly, but not them; then to imagine a world in which most people can fly, and they are in a small, non-flying minority. In the first world, they are not disabled. In the second,…

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The Game of Power

This week, a powerful stimulus for discussing power. It’s taken from Augusto Boal’s “Games for Actors and Non-Actors”, one of the best books ever written for doing thoughtful work with groups. Warm-up: This is Not a Spoon This is an excellent activity to get people thinking about what an object can represent, ready for the…

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