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Poetry, Emotions, Philosophy

This week, a stimulus that invites creative writing and thinking about emotions, which you can use as a way of generating questions for philosophical enquiry. It uses a very simple form of poem which I’m calling a “Josephine”, my mum’s Sunday best name. Share some of these examples, have the class create their own, and…

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16 Sample Sticky Questions, 7 Days to Buy Your Class Set

Today is the start of a 7-day period during which class-sized sets of Sticky Questions are available to buy. If you haven’t already read about them, you can see more here. In a nutshell, kids go home with a different question stuck on their jumper or in their planner each week, talk about it at home…

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Could We Be Wrong About Human Rights?

Prompted by a question from a reader, this post is about human rights. Schools often cover this subject but it can be more of a celebration than enquiry, since human rights are generally considered A Very Good Thing. There are many philosophically interesting questions about human rights, but you generally need to find “some salt to…

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