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Primary School Resource Compendium

Primary School Compendium Rebecca-Jo Schwetz, a Masters student at Sacred Heart University, has compiled a huge pic’n’mix of resources from a variety of contributors, all suitable for use in primary schools. What I particularly like is that she has collected together lots of resources on metaphysics (the nature of reality), aesthetics and epistemology (the study…

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Should Justice Be Blind?

I was running a cluster meeting for RE teachers, held at Hurlingham School in London, and we were looking within popular topics for “Y-Questions”, the contestable questions that are at the heart of P4C. One of the teachers, Amanda Freeman, talked about how she had used as a stimulus an image of “blind justice”, a common…

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The Pyramid of Hate

“Hate-fuelled attack on values that unite us all” It shows zero self-awareness that Daily Express ran this headline the day after the white terrorist attack on a mosque in Christchurch,. This is a newspaper that, when its front page is not about Madeleine McCann or Lady Di, create headlines at random from “Muslim”, “immigrant”, “scrounger”,…

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