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What Laws Should Robots Obey?

  This morning saw a report published by the Royal Society and British Academy recommending an over-arching law of robotics: “Humans should flourish.” r r Using the opening paragraphs of the news article as a stimulus, invite pupils to question the findings: Should the main law for robots be: “Humans should flourish.”? r Of…

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P4C Thought Experiment: The Us


This week, a stimulus that seeks to go beyond the rough-and-tumble partisanship of election debates to a more profound approach to thinking about a just society. The stimulus and enquiry plan is attached as a PDF here, and there’s an audio version of the stimulus here: r r It’s called “The Us”, and is an…

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Are flying cars a good idea?

A small company in Japan have just been given funds to research the ‘SkyDrive’ – a flying car for the future. Click here for this week’s Newsround article. The story makes a brilliant stimulus for thinking about our relationship with technology, and is answerable for thinkers aged 4 to 40. For younger pupils, you might…

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