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Are flying cars a good idea?

A small company in Japan have just been given funds to research the ‘SkyDrive’ – a flying car for the future. Click here for this week’s Newsround article.

The story makes a brilliant stimulus for thinking about our relationship with technology, and is answerable for thinkers aged 4 to 40.

For younger pupils, you might engage them by acting out the flying process, or by using ‘What Would Happen Then? Storytelling‘ to help them explore the consequences of flying cars.

It’s likely that new questions and issues will generate organically as pupils give reasons for either side.  However, you could also choose to insert a twist or two of your own, especially if a group reach a consensus:

  • Would flying cars be a good idea if they could only be bought by the rich?
  • Would flying cars make us appreciate nature more, or less?
  • Could flying cars be safer than road cars?






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