Are You Free to Lick Your Elbow?

This week, I’ve posted a Philosophy Challenge on the theme of freedom. It starts with a question from P4C progenitor Matthew Lipman, “Are you free to lick your elbow?” It’s a brilliant question that catches a key idea. Does freedom just mean nobody is stopping you, or does it require that you actually could do the action in question?
It then proceeds to a thought experiment about various children who live tantalisingly close to a “children’s paradise” but never get to go there. Who is the most, and who is the least free?
You can pause the video at key points to ponder or discuss. Here is a recap of the cast of characters and what stops them going to the children’s paradise:
Arthur – high walls
Bertha – brainwashed there are bears
Cuthbert – content with his X-Box
Dilbert – serious boy who thinks play is for little children
Englebert – family can’t afford, government won’t buy the all-terrain wheelchair he needs
You can see me running this session live, with all the surprises and tangents that a class discussion brings, with students from Sandringham School, Newham, as part of the Philosophy Circles Online Level 1 starting on Monday. Places still available, click here.
When is training best for you?
I’m going to run more of these courses. Running online opens up possibilities beyond the usual days away from school, so I’d like to pick your brains about when it’s best to schedule courses. In all cases, it would be 12 hours of Zooms in total, and the cost at the moment is £199 + VAT. I’d be very grateful if you could respond to this with your preferences in order of any times would likely suit you (just leave off options that wouldn’t be at all practical for you). All times are UK (currently GMT + 1). Just email me “5,3,2” or whatever and I’ll know what you mean.
1.    3 consecutive Mondays 0900-1000, 1100-1200, 1300-1400, 1430-1530
2.    3 consecutive Saturdays 0900-1000, 1100-1200, 1300-1400, 1430-1530
3.    6 consecutive Mondays 1800-1900, 1930-2030
4.    6 consecutive Mondays (Australia/NZ-friendly!) 0800-0900, 0930-1030
5.    Summer Intensive (August) – Monday to Thursday  0900-1000, 1100-1200, 1300-1400
6.    Something else – please specify.
Best wishes,
Opportunities for online philosophy
I’ll have some slots available for class sessions in late June/early July, £100/hour, can combine kids in school and at home, up to 49 participants. Meanwhile for individuals:
Taster sessions at Philosophy for Home Educators
1500-1600 9-12
1630-1730 Teens
Weds 17, 24 June; 1 July
Philosophy Wranglers
Thu 18, Mon 29 June; Wed 8, Tue 14, Mon 20 July
1800 – 1900 9-12yrs
1930 – 2030 Secondary age
2100 – 2200 Wranglers LATE (Adults)
Also debating and improv workshops at the same address

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