Who Owns Ideas: The Case of the Monkey Selfie

This week’s theme in my online philosophy classes has been about the ownership of ideas. A particularly compelling example has been that of photographer David Slater and the “monkey selfie”. With my 6-8 yr old Philosophy Explorers we travelled back in time to see the photo being taken! A session plan is attached. Another stimulus included is the vexed question of parental picture posting – at least young people seem quite vexed about it!

Introduction to Philosophy Circles Zoom  

The first module of our online “P4C One Piece at a Time” course is at 4.30 p.m. GMT on Tuesday March 16th. It’s an interactive introduction to the principles on which our practice as philosophers with children is based, and will be of interest both to those new or newish to P4C and to those who would like a different angle on their practice. Those attending will be a mix of people coming as a one-off (£19+VAT) and those who have booked the whole 12-module course (£199+VAT). Book in our shop. Will be a lot of fun, and you’ll come away with resources and ideas you can use straight away. 

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