Philosophy of Halves: What Can and Can’t Be Divided?

Here are fifteen questions on the theme of halves. Cut them up ( download the PDF here) and give one each to exactly half the class (join in to even up the numbers if necessary). Each person with a question finds someone without a question to talk to about it.

After a few minutes, they give their question to their partner, and find a new partner with a new question, and so on. Most of their discussions will have two halves – first the question will be new to them, and then they will have a second discussion with a new partner. How are those halves different?

This week’s Sticky Question has a similar theme. Look out for a special offer next week where you can buy not a half, but one third of a year of Sticky Questions 2.0 – plus some extra things – to enable you to try them out before the holidays and give a summer-term boost to your philosophy – other seasons available in other hemispheres!

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