This week, a link to a new resource on the ethics of climate change developed by fellow P4C practitioner Lukasz Krzywon ( with Green-Schools Ireland. 

The Ethics of Climate Change

Ethics of Climate Change Toolkit – A Classroom Enquiry explores moral problems related to climate change using critical, collaborative, and creative thinking.

“The idea behind the resource came from teaching about climate change in schools and noticing that as much there is an awareness of the solutions to climate change among students, there is sometimes very little personal reflection on why we as citizens should care about it.” – Lukasz Krzywon

The toolkit contains a short and useful introduction to a five-step enquiry process, tips on simple facilitation techniques and five comprehensive scripts that touch on different ethical aspect of climate change:

  1. Motivation – Why should we act? (this session comes with a downloadable set of printable cards)
  2. Tragedy of the commons – How can we ensure that everyone follows the rules that they have all agreed on?
  3. The Strike – Is civil disobedience justified to help solve the climate crisis?
  4. Fairness and responsibility – Explores different related questions
  5. Carbon credits – Do individual people have CO2 emission rights? Where are the differences between individual and institutional responsibility?

Lukasz will run a free interactive CPD workshop for teachers On Tuesday, April 27 (5-6pm BST), where he will launch the new resource, run a sample session, talk about enquiry-based approach and give some handy tips for facilitating discussion in the classroom.

Climate Ambassador programme representative will also talk about some resources that complement this one. The workshop is open to all teachers interested teachers an interested in enquiry-based approach to climate change.

You can register for the free launch event here.

Green-Schools is Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools. Promoting long-term, whole-school action for the environment Green-Schools is a student-led programme with involvement from the wider community. The programme is operated and coordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce (FEE member for Ireland).

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