Would Virtual You Be a Better You? – World Philosophy Day

It’s World Philosophy Day on Thursday, so we’ve produced a video for use in assemblies about the new, virtual world of the “metaverse” – would it be good to spend much of your life in a limitless, digital world – or would there be things about the real world it would be a real shame to miss? I know I’ve enjoyed “being” my rejuvenated, larger than life avatar…

The Philosophy of the Metaverse

You can see the video on Vimeo here: or on our YouTube channel here Please share on social media and send out in a link to www.p4he.org for parents whose children might enjoy our evening philosophy, debating, improv or, from January, Shakespeare and Dungeons and Dragons courses! 

As you get deeper into this question, more questions arise – could your online self be a truer self than the one you present in the physical world? What problems of the physical world could be eliminated in the virtual world – scarcity? Inequality? Or would the virtual world reproduce the problems of our society in the physical world because both are constructed by humans, and human nature would remain the same? 

You can see the full video by Facebook/Meta from which the clips are taken here. If you’d like to meet your cartoon self, download Snap Camera: it might be a good way to engage student in information videos, for a school trip for example. 

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