P4C Stimulus: Is Money Real?

This week, a freshly-written P4C stimulus that explores what makes something real via the surprisingly problematic concept of money. And for those nervous about the Santa Reality Question arising, a Spot and Stripe video also on the theme of money.
For older children: Is money real? 
This stimulus – download it here – asks ‘Is money real?’ and provides thoughts to help your pupils grapple with the question, such as the peculiar fact that a £1 coin is only worth 6.2p as scrap metal!
It may also lead to interesting sub-questions, like:
  • Does something have to be physical for it to be real?
  • If I believe something is real, does that make it real?
  • If lots of people believe something, does that make it real?
  • If it does, does it stop being real if they stop believing it?
If you get the response, “it’s real to you”, push for what that really means! If this ponder has got you thinking, you might enjoy Yuval Noah Hariri’s book “Sapiens” which was the catalyst for it.
For younger children: The invention of money – good thing or bad thing? 
The above stimulus can be used for younger children, but there’s the risk of straying into Santa Claus territory, which is only for the brave. Here’s an alternative:
As with all Spot and Stripe videos, you can get pupils to stand on the side of the character they agree with, and give their own reasons to the other side (either in pairs, or in front of everybody), and see if anyone crosses the divide!
Alternatively, move everyone over to one side and come up with reasons, before doing the same on the other side, and finally standing on the side that represents their own opinion (“Phalanx Philosophy” from an earlier issue.)
We’ll soon be releasing the full set of Spot and Stripe videos in our shop. Watch this space!
Best wishes,
Jason and Tom
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