Thursday 28th September is, and the theme is “freedom”. Here’s my contribution, a question poem asking which freedoms are most important: physical, psychological or economic. Is it enough to be free from constraints or must you be actively free to make choices for yourself? Display copy attached.


No walls, no wire,
No guards, no guns,
No dogs, no danger?

No threats, no fears,
No gods, no ghosts,
No lists, no Leader?

A book, a bed,
A home, a hope
A school, a teacher?

Read – Philosophise – Write

You could explore the poem for a while, and then either ask, “What makes you free?”, or generate questions, or simply follow the discussion where it leads, listening out for disagreements to focus on, and finally invite the children to write their own poems (or if they prefer, draw) on the same theme. This can be a fruitful pattern for enquiry that leads to richer thinking and writing.

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