What if giants were real?

This week has a Northern Ireland theme, inspired by this statue of the famous giant Finn MacCool, of Giant’s Causeway fame at Belfast Airport.

1.    What if giants were real?
–    What advantages would they have over average-sized people? 
–    What disadvantages? 
–    How would society be different to how it is? 
–    How should society be different to how it is?

2.    Who in the real world has greater power than average people? Not physical power, but other sorts of power. How giant would they be if they were physically bigger than ordinary people to the same extent?

3.    How does society manage their “giantness”? How should society manage it?

I’m thinking here of wealth in particular – for example, with a net worth of some £205 billion, Elon Musk’s fortune is some 3.4 million times the size of the mean average £60000 per person wealth across the world, making for a giant 150 times bigger in all three dimensions! But power, knowledge, fame could yield similar extremes.

Young Plato 

While in Belfast, as well as watching the Oscar-winning Belfast, I saw the lesser known but equally engaging Young Plato. It’s a must-see for P4Cers, following Kevin McArevey, headteacher of Holy Cross Boys’ Primary School, as he uses philosophy to challenge the unquiet ghosts of the past in an area of the city that has had more than its share of The Troubles. You can see more about the film and upcoming screenings on its website and Twitter.  

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