The Mirror of Erised Revisited

This week, an issue from the “back catalogue” featuring probably the most interesting idea from the Harry Potter books, “The Mirror of Erised” which shows “not your reflection but your deepest desires”. The attached PDF has a session plan that includes an engaging warm-up activity, and also a “match report” on how it played out with different audiences. Thanks to the Revd. Barry Linney for alerting me to the potential of this stimulus.

Dumbledore says, “The happiest man alive would look into the mirror and see only himself?” Are both/either/neither of these true, and why?

1. The happier you are, the fewer desires you have.

2. The fewer desires you have, the happier you are.

I’ve updated the plan with this and other questions, and included the new link to a current, convenient clip from the film which, as an authorised version, should be good long term.

We’ve been going through the old sessions and adding many more Philosophy Circles Plans for the 2022 version of the Primary Curriculum Pack. My catching covid (better now, thank goodness) and other unexpectednesses have delayed its release, but it will be out soon – more info next week.

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