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Primary School Compendium

Rebecca-Jo Schwetz, a Masters student at Sacred Heart University, has compiled a huge pic’n’mix of resources from a variety of contributors, all suitable for use in primary schools. What I particularly like is that she has collected together lots of resources on metaphysics (the nature of reality), aesthetics and epistemology (the study of knowledge) as well as ethics. P4C tends heavily towards ethics but there is so much more to philosophy. I’m sure lots of people will be very grateful to Rebecca-Jo for the time she has put into assembling, curating and seeking permission for compiling those resources that were already available in different places, as well as for her own very substantial contributions.

All the contributors represented here have now given their permission, and the PDF is published under a Creative Commons licence.

You can download the 380-page PDF here:

P4C FINAL guide Rebecca-Jo Schwetz

Crash Course Philosophy

For teens who are interested in philosophy, and your own professional development, this Crash Course in Philosophy from PBS is excellent. Here’s the full playlist. Episodes I think are particularly interesting for a philosophy club are those on Moral Luck and Conspiracy Theories + Epistemic Responsibility, and the first episode, “What is Philosophy?” is excellent too.
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