Free Philosofriday Session and Philosophy Wall

This week, two new channels for your classes to share their philosophical thinking with others. They’re free during this experimental stage, but might become a pay-for in the future. 

The Philosophy Wall

Because P4C is sometimes seen as a freewheeling oral pedagogy that contrasts with the assessed and scrutinised written word, lots of opportunities to use philosophy as a springboard to writing get missed. I’d like to develop a safe, moderated space online where students can discuss in class, and then write their responses, to interesting questions and stimuli. As a first step, I’ve set up a basic padlet, pre-moderated (so nothing you post will appear until I approve it). Here’s the link:

I’ve put up a few questions, “Can it ever be wrong to forgive someone?” which created quite a stir when I sent it out back in 2012, “How much can you change and still be you?” and “If someone is forced to apologise, is it still a real apology?” which is next week’s theme – so your class’s sage comments might feature in the bulletin next week!

You don’t need to get in touch before you post your class’s thoughts, just go ahead! But please make each post a substantial one – so, for example, get a group of six children or a whole class to combine their contributions into one post, or it might get a bit hectic. I’ll keep an eye on the padlet and keep approving posts.


On Friday 4th February, 2 p.m. GMT, I’m going to run a Zoom philosophy session which will be open to classes of students aged 9-11 (aimed at Yrs 5 & 6 UK). The core of the session will run for 45 minutes, but I’ll stay online for a further 15 minutes for classes that want to continue. You’ll be asble to share your ideas via both the chat and spoken contributions.

The session will be free, but I ask all teachers of participating classes to do two things:

1.    Let the class know about our online classes at (I’ll mention them during the session but please have the web address available for them to note down) so that keen philosophers can join us.
2.    Send me a brief email afterwards with your/your class’s feedback about the session.

If you’re interested in your class/classes attending our first Philosofriday, please reply to this email and I’ll send further details.

Best wishes,

JasonP.S. Remember to check out the Philosophy Circles Primary Curriculum Pack 3.0 (2022 Edition, currently includes training session) in our online shop

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