Today is the start of a 7-day period during which class-sized sets of Sticky Questions are available to buy. If you haven’t already read about them, you can see more here. In a nutshell, kids go home with a different question stuck on their jumper or in their planner each week, talk about it at home and then bring their ideas back for a classroom discussion. It’s an unbeatable way of of including thoughtful, imaginative discussion at home and school in the rhythm of your week with minimal effort.

Here are 19 examples drawn from different year groups. First, some of the illustrated 8-to a page stickers (six questions in each class set).


And here are some of the 16-to-a-page ones that make up the the rest of the 40 different questions for each year group – 32 copies of 40 questions, 1440 stickers in all in a class set!

You can read more about Sticky Questions and buy your class set – a whole year’s worth for a class of up to 32 children – at Class sets will be available until the end of Thursday March 5th for £40 plus P&P and VAT where applicable. Please pay by PayPal or card.

After that,  Junior and Primary packs aimed at whole schools will still be available, which we can also do by invoice, but the class sets will be withdrawn from sale. The Year 7+ secondary set will still be available as a stand-alone purchase.

Why are class sets only available for 7 Days?

We (in fact, I!) have to print and package these in-house, as no printing company we have found is brave enough to undertake the job. It’s expensive and time-consuming, so it’s only when we are producing whole-school sets or have a large volume of orders that it’s viable. I’ve set some time aside to print and process a batch of orders in anticipation that lots of teachers will want to invest in a set for their own class. Teachers shouldn’t need to buy their own resources but the world is what it is, and sometimes it’s better to spend money and save time on planning.

I hope you invest in a set and enjoy using them with your class – they were winnowed down from over 2000 candidate questions!

Best wishes,




  1. Matty Wright on May 5, 2020 at 3:31 am

    Hi Jason! Matty from ISHCMC here – I hope you are well. Is there an emailable(?) version of the sticky questions I could buy?

    • Jason Buckley on May 5, 2020 at 7:00 am

      Hi Matty,

      Very well thanks, “having a good lockdown”. Unfortunately, no emailable version at the moment. The economics of all the time that went into compiling the questions and the graphic design etc. mean that it relies on being something schools buy each year. I’m looking into a way I can distribute them electronically without compromising the future of the business but haven’t found it yet – maybe licensed access to somewhere they are available on the web or something.

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