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Why choose us to embed P4C in your school?

Philosophy for Children is recognized for raising attainment and well-being, but like any approach, it can easily fizzle out after initial enthusiasm. Here’s how we foster your long-term success in P4C.

Resources that integrate P4C into your existing curriculum

Rather than “another thing to do” in a crowded timetable, our Philosophy Circles resources include over 100 session plans exploring established curricula.

We work with pupils week in, week out . . .

. . . in workshops, residentials and whole-school events, so we keep “sharp” and let teachers see their own classes engaged with P4C.

Clear, flexible structure

We have captured the best of P4C in the three core principles of “Philosophy Circles”. This streamlined approach helps teachers create engagement, challenge and independence.

Lively, practical, memorable training

Your staff will grasp the principles through practical activities you can use straight away. Expect energy, laughter and a rare depth of learning and dialogue. Minimal PowerPoint!

Recent Workshop Feedback


It has been fascinating to watch the children engage with a range of challenging topics with maturity, enthusiasm and empathy thanks to the facilitation provided by Tom. Their curiosity was inspired by the thought-provoking stimuli in each session and several individuals, who usually find it challenging to share their ideas, came to the fore during the big discussions.

Mrs. S Johnson and Mr. J Hall

Year 6 Teachers, Amesbury Primary School

We have been keen to establish P4C for some time in our school, believing it to be a natural part of our three-layered G&T programme.

It was great to work with Jason who consolidated and extended our prior knowledge and really made us believe that not to implement P4C would be a grave mistake on our part. The children loved it and talked about it a lot the following day, asking when we were next going to do philosophy.

It is a testament to Jason's energy and commitment that he managed to enthuse the staff during a twilight session in darkest January and several expressed regret that we hadn't put aside a whole day.

I am keen to get Jason back into school to work with our younger pupils now - he has a natural affinity with the children but still managed to make the adults laugh and wish to get involved.

Ann Geeves

Year 5 Teacher, Challenge Programme Co-ordinator, R A Butler School

Providing a framework to help guide what Im doing; sharing of resources; stimulating thinking and development of practice. To improve not much! Maybe just move people around more so talking to more people. Great course – one of the best Ive been on.

I just wanted to say thank you for the training you did in Lydney last week. It was a fab day and as a result... We are now going to roll out p4c across the school from September! The head has given me responsibility for thinking skills and we are going for the thinking school's accreditation. All very exciting!


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