Thinking Moves A-Z: Metacognition Made Simple


We are proud to announce a collaboration with DialogueWorks and Roger Sutcliffe to bring to teachers his decade-long project to make metacognition a reality in the everyday classroom.

All teaching teaches thinking. Even rote learning teaches remembering as well as individual facts. What we encourage in this book is simply teaching the thinking ‘out loud’ – drawing attention to the Thinking Moves students already use in school and in everyday life, so that they can become master thinkers, able to choose the right tool for the job in hand. In short, Thinking Moves A–Z is a framework for developing metacognition.

We have used the device of an A–Z of 26 Thinking Moves for ease of learning, and because that turns out to be a ‘Goldilocks’ level of detail – specific enough to be directly useful, general enough to be flexible. So, for example, Connect is preferred to the broader ‘relationship’; Infer is preferred to the more specific ‘deduction’.

We have made sure they are all workable “moves”, such as thinking Ahead or Back, rather than longer-term dispositions or character traits, such as resilience or empathy. We wanted to avoid the response, “That’s a good idea. But what does it look like in practice?” Instead, we wanted the moves to be practical already, so that self- contained examples can be readily found in students’ own thinking or expressed in a few sentences.

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“This pocket-sized curriculum for an age in crisis deserves to play a prominent role in any school and education system for which the penny’s finally dropped – that the old practices and ambitions are no longer fit for purpose and do not equip our children to thrive – or perhaps not even to survive – in a world which requires us urgently to behave as humans at their best can and must – reasonably, critically, and wisely. It’s a cliche to say that a book deserves to do well. Heaven knows, this one needs to.”

Dr. Barry Hymer (Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria, England)

“A unique approach to inspiring children & young people to question, reflect & think deeply. Packed full of practical engaging resources for any classroom or group setting this book builds capacity for criticality”
Professor Dame Alison Peacock, DBE, DL, DLitt (Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching)

“Thinking Moves is a welcome contribution to a very worthwhile project: helping people of all ages to think in more systematic and reflective ways.”
Steve Williams (Former Editor of Teaching Thinking and Creativity and current Editor of P4C.com)

A5 paperback, 72 pages.

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