Thinkers’ Games – Making Thinking Physical (5 Pack)


Launched at the 2011 International Conference on Thinking at Queens’ University, Belfast, this book contains 38 games that help you to grow a community of enquiry in your classroom.

Although very different on the surface, most of the games share an important underlying structure that makes thinking fun by making it physical – Think, Commit, Justify, Reflect.

From simple Either/Or games to Argumentag Wrestling and Knotty Arguments, this book offers an easy win for teachers looking to explore quarrelsome questions.

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Games for Thinking

Some children avoid classroom discussions. Others speak to please the teacher rather than to argue authentically with their peers.

The thirty eight adaptable games in this book help children throw themselves into the joyful argy-bargy of argument. They help children become independent, risk-taking thinkers.

By making thinking physical and borrowing features of children’s social talk, they give the children ownership of the discussion. You get fewer “I dunnos” and more engaged arguments that are a pleasure to watch.

It also looks great, thanks to Kerim Hudson my graphic designer.

Pack of 5 x Thinkers’ Games £10.00 (save £2.50)

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