The Naughtyometer

In the Naughtyometer, each group of players arranges their set of cards from most to least naughty.


Download The Naughtyometer here:


In groups (I would suggest no more than 5 to a group) they rank the sheets from most to least naughty. Most of the cards are paired to bring out dialogue about particular concepts. After each group has committed to a decision, they can ask each other questions about their choices. I have put some “questions in waiting” you can use as a facilitator below each pair.


Not doing any homework for a whole week

Is school like a job? Are there more excuses for not doing homework than schoolwork? What counts as a good excuse? Could there be good reasons for not doing any work?


Stealing from the school canteen / Stealing someone's lunch

Is stealing always wrong? Is it worse to steal from a person or an organisation? Who are you stealing from if you steal from a school?


Calling another pupil a bad name - Calling a teacher a bad name

Is calling someone names worse than hitting someone? Would a child feel worse than a teacher? Would you get punished worse for insulting a teacher than a child? Should you?

Hitting someone / Seeing someone hitting someone, and doing nothing about it / Hitting someone back

Can two wrongs make a right? Can you do something to someone that’s done it to you without it being bad?

Is watching someone get hit worse than watching someone fall over?

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