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Classroom Management

Adjusting Energy in The Classroom

In some discussions, nobody wants to speak. In others, people talk over each other. How can you can adjust these up or down to get the energy you want?

The Enquiry Chaffeur

What do you do when you don't know what to do? Accelerate, brake, change gear, or refuel!


How can I get them to respond to what others say, not just say their own points?

How can I deepen their thinking?


Questions to probe for deeper thinking, both from you, and from them!

Reasons First, Opinions Second

It’s easy to ask for opinions first, and then get the reasons afterwards. But why can this stunt thinking? And what can we do instead?

Phalanx Philosophy

A tried-and-tested classroom activity to let both sides of a question be heard, in a low stakes environment, so that pupils are more confident to give an informed, reasoned opinions!

Using your existing resources for P4C

7 Ways to Use Objects

They’re familiar, available, and engaging - 3D beats 2D. How we can use objects in P4C?

3 Ways to Use Films in P4C

Films can be a powerful and immediate stimulus for philosophical enquiry. How can we make the most of them?

7 Questions for Any Children's Book

We use books every week, and they're excellent for P4C. But how can we use them?

Help pupils ask better questions

What makes a question P4Cable?

You've just presented a picture book to a class. The story is rich with problems and juicy, contestable concepts like fairness, trust and greed. How can you help them make questions to match?

How To Get Better Questions Faster

More practical advice, this time from from one of our readers, on getting them asking deep questions quickly.

Just Juicy Questions

One of the best ways to get them asking great questions, is to give them great questions. Here's some we made earlier.

Take A Whole School Approach

Making P4C Happen

This is a six-point guide to making P4C more “doable” and sustainable, aimed at headteachers or those tasked with developing P4C across a school.

Planting Cats

Cats are expensive and demanding. We let pot plants wither through neglect, very few of us have starved a cat. So how can you plant a cat with P4C?

Case Study: Gallions

Gallions School have been running weekly ‘philosophical enquiries’ at Gallions for over ten years now. What's their secret?

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