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Games and Activities

Dinner with a witch, or a frog for dinner?

A colourful “would you rather” resource accessible to the youngest children, with teaching notes that suggest how you can use the exercise as a springboard for discussion. Download here.

Each child has a card. They then pair up, and decide which creature they would prefer to be, and why. Then they swap cards and swap partners, so that they end up making a series of different judgements.

You can use the same set of cards in other ways to begin to explore concepts that are important in thinking, such as similarity, difference, relationship. Download here.

And other questions parents and children to talk about together at home, perhaps one a week. They record what the “junior thinker” and grown-up each think and why, and put their names at the bottom. Download here.

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Spot and Stripe

Spot and Stripe love to argue about juicy questions, and invite EYFS to carry on the discussion!

To use with your pupils, simply press play. When it finishes, get the children to stand on the side of the character they agree with, and continue the argument with someone from the other side. Ask for some to give their ideas to the class, and see if anyone changes their minds.

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