Sticky Questions Junior Package


Sticky Questions were inspired by the experience of Julie Mahon at Latton Green Primary “Since the beginning of this academic year I have been sending out thunks on stickers for the children to wear home every Thursday, This has been rolled out across the school and has been a really positive way to include discussion at home. On Fridays the children feed back what their families’ opinions were and if anyone changed their mind after hearing other family members’ ideas.”


This set contains a box of Sticky Questions for a class of 32 children from each of Year 3 (  (7-8 yrs old), Year 4 (8-9 yrs), Year 5 (9-10) and Year 6 (10-11 yrs).

Each class set of Sticky Questions includes 39 questions plus an extra summer holiday question. They are pitched at the age level of the class but will be able to stretch the brightest thinkers. There are 32 stickers for each question. Most stickers are printed 16 to a page, or 8 to page for those that need additional illustrations – a for some freshly minted riddles that parents and children can puzzle over together.







The idea is that one day each week, all the children go home with a sticker on their jumper. Instead of having a conversation about, “Have you done your homework”, the homework IS the conversation. Then the following day, the discussion can carry on at school, drawing on ideas from home.

The Junior School questions mix  the philosophical with some more free-wheeling creative stuff.

All packs will include ideas on how to carry on the discussion back in school, and how to support children who get less support from home, how to involve grandparents and so on. There will be access to publicity material you can use with parents, such as a customisable version of this letter:


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