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Pupil Events

Why choose us to deliver a pupil-event?

There lots of 'providers' of pupil events and experiences, so what makes us different?

We tailor everything for you

No two pupil events are the same. If you tell us your requirements, we'll use our experience to put something together to meet and exceed them

We work with pupils week in, week out . . .

. . . we are both former-teachers who still work with pupils on a regular basis. We place big importance on staying sharp!

A clear, flexible approach

Usually, more pupils means a diluted dialogue. Thanks to our simple Philosophy Circles approach, we can deliver events of any size with no detriment to the experience

Lively, hands-on and memorable

Our events make the most of pupils' natural energy and help them harness it to create engaging philosophical arguments

Many schools choose to run an event for the whole-school, or a particular group of pupils. Our energetic, interactive and challenging days are highly sought after for a number of situations, from activity weeks, to academic challenges to inter-school competitions, to themed days, such as National Interfaith Day. Or, you might just want a set of curriculum-based Philosophy Circles workshops for your staff to observe.



We have a range of tried-and-tested events but tailor each one for your requirements.

In the past year, we have run:

  • Alien Adventures in Philosophy interactive storytelling – for 240 pupils
  • Ethics Workshops and Argumentag Wrestling Finale for 180 Year 10s
  • Philosothon for groups of pupils from several schools within a cluster
  • Activity Week days during the Summer Term
  • Academic Challenge days for prospective new pupils
  • Interfaith day workshops
  • G&T Primary Workshops for 20 pupils across a cluster
  • G&T Secondary workshops on Ethics, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Science

Prices are calculated based on an individual basis, so please get in touch using the form below to discuss your schools’ requirements.

“I like Interfaith Day because it made me think a lot about what things are about and the future. I like learning about different cultures.”

“I like Interfaith Day because we always meet new people and I learn things I did not know.”

“I enjoyed it a lot especially when Tom came in!”

“I like it because we talk a lot.”

“I like Interfaith Day because it’s fun doing cool activities and learning about different religions, the Prophets, the Gods. Even if you don’t have a faith!”

“It’s so fun answering questions!”

“I think Interfaith Day is very good because you get to talk about lots of different things.”

“I think Interfaith Day is good because it gets your mind thinking.”


Greenway Primary School

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