Thinkers’ Stories Memory Stick with Teaching Notes




“I think, therefore I am” meets Horrible Histories

Can you prove you are real – or is your brain sitting in a mysterious building, hooked up to a powerful computer? Is letting someone fall to his death any less evil than giving him a gentle push? And what is that extraordinary gibberish on the final track all about?

Thinkers’ Stories is compendium of thought-provoking stories, riddles, brainteasers and questions brought together to get your pupils thinking. Compiled and presented by Jason Buckley, a philosophy for children specialist, the resources, saved on a memory stick, are simply presented with the stories told, not read, directly to camera.

You can use the stories by themselves to develop thinking and discussion skills, within a philosophy club, or as part of a programme to launch P4C (Philosophy for Children) in your school.

Teaching notes and discussion plans are included, along with suggestions for taking pupils’ thinkings skills further.

Memory Stick and teaching notes £20.00

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