P4C Summer Term Taster


  • A term’s worth of Sticky Questions
  • Thinking Beans by David Birch
  • The Philosophers Kitchen
  • A one hour online training session 

Keen to give P4C a boost go this Summer term?

Make it easy and effective with our P4C Summer Term Taster Bundle, £99 + VAT. We’ve combined the best of our resources to P4C easy and accessible for any teacher, with any class.

  • A term of Sticky Questions for R-Yr6 (age 4-11) – arguably the easiest way to do P4C (learn more here). There are enough her for a class each of those 7 year groups – enough for a whole term of home-school thinking and talking for 210 children!
  • The Philosopher’s Kitchen – six of our favourite ways of doing philosophy, each with at least six examples of the method in practice with different ages. So over 40 ready-to-go sessions and approaches you’ll be able to use again and again for other topics.
  • A copy of Thinking Beans by David Birch – full of classroom-ready sessions
  • A one hour online training session – with Jason Buckley and Tom Bigglestone. Date to be announced, but the live session will be after school on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. There’ll be an “on-demand” version you can use at any time if you can’t make the live session.

Order now for immediate dispatch. You can request an invoice after the new financial year ticks over – just leave a note to us at the checkout.


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