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Triple-Session Topic for Robots

This week, three summarised enquiry plans for a topic on Robots, all using video stimuli from news or film. Are there some jobs robots could never do? Who is to blame if a robot car does not allow for human error? Could you ever love a robot? Could a robot love you? Philosophy with Robots Teachers…

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When Does the Old Become the New?

I can’t help feeling like a criminal. I’m currently using what crime writers call a ‘burner’ phone: cheap, low-tech handset that’s invariably thrown in a river to avoid being traced. Using it has also created a sense of nostalgia, and I’m clearly not the only one: affection for a bygone era led to this week’s reissuing…

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Can bad actions be justified by unfair circumstances?

An interesting video stimulus from the BBC this week: We’re often presented with examples of behaviour from the animal world that are chosen to compare favourably against humans. This contrasting example has several layers: the selfish behaviour may be out of necessity due to the monkey’s low status – how far can bad actions…

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