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3 Philosophical Twists on Everyday Activities

This week, most us will: r Ask our class for the definition of a word Get them sorting things into categories, or… Instruct them to put things in an order   Some of us might do all three! One of their many strengths is their simplicity. Children will get what we’re asking of them. So…

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Six Weeks of P4C CPD & Six Video Stimuli

This week, a convenient way for readers worldwide to access some great video resources originally shown on the BBC, and an invitation to be one of six schools to benefit from our new Philosopher in Residence CPD programme. r What Makes Me Me? r The BBC commissioned a series of animations based on stories by…

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Philosophy for Readers – Zebra Striped Texts

I hope you had a good holiday. To kick off the new year, here are some trial examples of a new project, “Philosophy for Readers”. The aim is to publish philosophy stories and dialogues as a series of class-set books, A4 or A5 format, using a stripy alternating presentation that is very readable and in particular…

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