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Are flying cars a good idea?

A small company in Japan have just been given funds to research the ‘SkyDrive’ – a flying car for the future. Click here for this week’s Newsround article. The story makes a brilliant stimulus for thinking about our relationship with technology, and is answerable for thinkers aged 4 to 40. For younger pupils, you might…

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“Types” of Facilitation

The stimulus for this article was “Just My Type, A Book About Fonts” by Simon Garfield. He mentions a talk by Beatrice Warde, a grand dame of typography, called, “The Crystal Goblet, or Why Printing Should Be Invisible.” Her thesis was that typography existed to convey ideas, not to draw attention to itself. You can take…

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Post-SATS Thinking Treats

Soon, Year 6 pupils in England will emerge from the long tunnel of SATs, and have two more months to enjoy their primary schools without that pressure. This week, a few story-based “Community Builders” that encourage listening and collaboration. Because story-based talk is especially powerful for younger children, you will find these approaches as enjoyable…

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