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Triple-Session Topic for Robots

This week, three summarised enquiry plans for a topic on Robots, all using video stimuli from news or film. Are there some jobs robots could never do? Who is to blame if a robot car does not allow for human error? Could you ever love a robot? Could a robot love you? Philosophy with Robots Teachers…

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From Chequerboard to Spot and Stripe

The first episode of our new argument show for young children, Spot and Stripe, has been released in time for Christmas. We recorded 39 episodes this week, which are being edited over Christmas ready for inclusion in the Philosophy Circles resources packs. After the class watch an episode, the invitation is for the teacher to…

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When Do You Love Philosophy?

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It’s World Philosophy Day today, and I’m beginning it at the home of my oldest philosopher friend, Jeremy Watkins, who lectures at Queens University Belfast. We grew up in the same village and in the long, winding conversations of ideas we had as children, we were philosophers before we knew the word. We’ve both made…

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